Formed back in 2006, Building and Land Guarantees focuses entirely on the construction sector, enabling us to provide independent expert advice in the often misunderstood area of building guarantees and warranties.

Based centrally in Leicestershire and London, we work with clients and brokers throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide. We provide personal service, so much so that our Directors have their mobile numbers on this very site in case you wish to speak to them. Latent defects, insurance backed guarantees, environmental warranties – we handle them all.

So, if you build, buy or sell properties (whether you are a contractor, a developer, a property owning fund or even a real person!) we can help you.

We are the UK’s only independent broker specialising in the following:
Insurance Backed Guarantee
One of the most effective ways that a contractor can demonstrate the quality of their work is to be able to offer an Insurance Backed Guarantee on their work.
Latent Defects Insurance
If your company owns, develops, designs, builds, leases or advises on commercial or residential property then you should be aware of the existence and benefits of latent defects insurance.
Roofing & Cladding Guarantees
One of the most widely known schemes arranged through us is the Pioneer Guarantee, a roofing and cladding scheme which we operate in partnership with AWM Ltd.
Residential Warranties
If you are building, or converting/refurbishing, a residential property then you will need a ten year warranty. Such a warranty provides important cover that will be looked for by purchasers, lenders and conveyancing solicitors.
Solar Panel Guarantees
Green energy is here to stay. Property owners are investing in the installation of solar panels to provide them with renewable energy and earn Feed In Tariffs (FIT) as a long term investment.
Environmental Insurance
The ownership or possession of land is one of the most valuable assets and one of the largest responsibilities an organisation can have.