We recognise this and as a consequence, our clients include landowners/former landowners, tenants, local authorities, property developers and house builders. We also work closely with funders, lawyers and project managers to deliver environmental solutions.

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Our Role
We have great experience in arranging Insurance to deal with environmental problems. As independent brokers, we have access to the entire environmental insurance market and have used this resource and knowledge to provide bespoke environmental policies to address risk and transactional issues.
The types of sites we have arranged insurance protection for include: Manufacturing and Industrial plants Landfill sites Former petrol filling stations Sites where contamination is known to exist Large scale voluntary transfers
Issues facing organisations holding or leasing land can include some or all of the following: Legal engineering costs in dealing with contamination Potential regulatory Action under existing and future legislation Potential action for losses from Third Parties Contractual requirements incorporated in Sale and Transfer agreements We negotiate and provide solutions to transfer risk, therefore giving added security and often enabling transactions to proceed.